Keshe Plasma Technology - the Scientist

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, born in 1958, an Iranian nuclear physicist whose father was an X-ray expert and a former member of the International Radiological Association. M. T. Keshe graduated from Queen Mary College, University of London, and is a nuclear engineer specializing in reactor technology system control. After more than 40 years of in-depth study, M. T. Keshe has fully mastered the operation law inside the nucleus, and he states:

"There is nothing in the nucleus except energy (that is, the magnetic gravitational field in motion).
The nucleus is formed by the interaction of the magnetic gravitational field of different strengths to create matters."

M. T. Keshe has developed atomic energy technology and formed a new space plasma technology, which is widely used in Space Technology, Health, Agriculture, Environment, Energy, and Materials. Since 2015, Keshe technologies have been commercialized all over the world. In 2005, M. T. Keshe founded the Keshe Foundation in the Netherlands, ( The Keshe Foundation is a global non-profit, non-religious organization committed to transforming the scientific and technological achievements developed by M. T. Keshe, adhering to the concept of "science and technology for peace" and serving others. They actively research and develop the new Keshe science and technology, promoting and teaching the applications of Keshe plasma technology throughout the world.

Through Keshe plasma technology, we can create a way to satisfy the demand of human beings in their daily life, such as energy, food, and clean water. The goal is to eliminate the wars caused by the struggle for land and resources and to bring more peace and prosperity to the world. In order to accelerate the commercialization of Keshe technology globally, M.T. Keshe set up Keshe Foundation Global Inc. in Los Angeles, California in 2018 as a joint-stock company. The company's vision is to provide solutions to global problems such as disease, famine, drought and energy shortages, with the ultimate goal of space travel and exploration. The technology is available to all countries around the world, including those that have been neglected. Keshe plasma technology will completely change all industrial fields. In order to achieve this goal, Keshe Foundation Global has begun to deliver the production equipment and establishing industrial parks all over the world. Keshe Foundation Global is mainly responsible for the commercial operation of Keshe technology. M. T. Keshe questioned the explanation in traditional classical theories (Newtonian Mechanics, Relativity, Quantum Theory, etc.) about the generation of gravity and the relationship between matter and energy. He discovered the secret of gravity that it is formed by the interaction of more than two magnetic fields, which essentially explained the order of how to create matter from energy. His theory can achieve the full creation cycle, from the matter to create energy and also from energy to create matter.

M. T. Keshe has written nine scientific books, with the first 3 released in 2009 and 2011, The Universal Order of Creation of Matters, The Structure of the Light and The origin of the Universe, along with more than 400 articles. From a scientific point of view, he expounds the elements that comprise a plasma and the formation mechanism, as well as the interaction and operation mechanism between plasma fields and the basic principle of creation of matters in his books. His theory has its own system, while the contemporary plasma scientists are still wondering whether the effect of plasma is a physical interaction or a chemical reaction. He explains the nature of matter and plasma and re-lays the cornerstone of nuclear physics, chemistry, biology, and other disciplines. On the basis of many years of theoretical research, M.T. Keshe has developed the gravitational and energy systems and microplasma dynamic reactors. Having his theory verified he applied for European and international patents, covering all applications of Keshe plasma technology.


What is Keshe Plasma?

Plasma is characterized as the fourth state of matter and differs from solid, liquid, and gas. There are many forms of plasma in nature, such as flames, lightning, aurora, lasers, neon, nuclear reactions, the sun, and nebulae, etc. In the universe, more than 90% of the matter exists in the plasma state.

The ancestors of mankind mastered fire (a form of plasma) to feed and protect themselves. Then, by burning wood, coal and oil, mankind obtained the energy required for the industrial civilization. After a few hundreds of years, the understanding and application of electrons (the free electrons in the metal can be regarded as plasma) brought humanity into the era of electricity and electronics, creating the convenient life at the present age. However, standing in front of the treasury of knowledge of plasma, a human is just like an infant. There are many unsolved questions and mysteries, such as the motion of stars in the macroscopic level and the quantum entanglement in the microscopic level. It is difficult to use traditional theories to explain the ever-changing plasma world. Traditionally, plasma is considered to be a group of charged particles, where the gas is decomposed into positive and negative ions under high temperature or strong electromagnetic field. Compared to solids, liquids, and gases, plasmas have more energy and can be used for a number of applications including product sterilization - disinfection, plant variation, plant growth, preservation, water treatment, and soil decontamination. The present researches about plasma usually focus on the low-temperature plasma. It is created by a gas passing through a high voltage that leads to the enormous electrical breakdowns. In addition, humans utilize a large amount of energy to create high-temperature plasma usually in a nuclear fusion reactor. The aim is to mimic the fusion reaction of the sun and to produce the endless nuclear energy source. However, the present understanding of plasma is attached to the “physical entities", focusing too much on the effects of various physical charged particles and ignoring the essence - the plasmatic magnetic field (PMF).

Iranian nuclear physicist Mehran Tavakoli Keshe holds the opinion that plasma is a group of interacting fields, as we called it, the plasmatic magnetic field. It is not the electromagnetic field in the traditional science. It has the field strength that humans cannot fully understand or measure at the present moment. The interaction of these fields creates the matter, principal matter, and transitional matter in the universe. These plasmatic magnetic fields exist in every corner of space. They propel the movement of stars. They are the Creator of the human body. They interact with the human body, animals, plants, and the natural environment. These fields cannot be captured or detected by cutting-edge measuring instruments because even the most advanced measuring instruments are based on electronic vibrations. The strength of the plasmatic magnetic field is outside that range and it does not cause any electronic vibration. Compared with the costly cutting-edge instruments, different forms of life become the most sensitive and reliable detection equipment because they have a "full-spectrum". 

With the new understanding of the work of the Universe, the interaction of the magnetic fields of different strength within it leads to the creation of stars and planets. Now understanding the functionality of the motion of the magnetic fields in the Universe, M.T. Keshe, as a nuclear physicist, in understanding the work of the motion of the magnetic fields in the nucleus and to be parallel and the same as the motion of magnetic fields in the Universe, has developed the new technology of the plasma of the Universe in the structure of the plasma of a neutron has made the understanding of the world of creation simple. The new terminology for the plasma of an electron or a neutron in parallel with the work of the plasma of the Universe has been called the plasma of a Nanostructure or a single plasma of an atom in gas state to be called GANS (Gas in Nano State). The behavior of the plasmatic state of the GANS is the same as the working of a star and its structure is the same as a solar system. With this new understanding, we have to extend the knowledge that the plasma of an electron, the plasma of the Earth or a solar system and the GANS has two operating fields, one which is magnetical (repulsion) and the other gravitational (attraction). All these entities possess both sets of fields at the same time in what we call atmosphere or magnetical and gravitational fields of the Earth. With this new knowledge now, we understand that the world of Creation is made of the interaction of different strength of these two fields upon each other and other fields of the same in their environment. For the first time mankind has managed to define, develop and produce systems which work on the basis of the true essence of Creation of these two fields which we call Magravs. Magrav is the combination of magnetical and gravitational fields where the balance interaction fields between the two create what is known and measured as 1g.

By applying this new phenomenon in the world of science and technology one does not need to burn fuel to create motion and lift as it is tradition at the present time in the space technology. In the present space technology, one burns fuel to create lift and motion and has a limitation of payload, food, and duration of life in the space. In comprehending the application and implication of the interactions of these magnetic fields in the universe Mankind has now evolved to a new era of spaceship technology where new systems can be built to replicate the work of the Universal systems which can lead to creation of lift and motion, energy and materials. With the new understanding that the interaction of the fields of the MAGRAVS of the Sun and the MAGRAVS of the Earth leading to the creation of the elements, now by using the GANS technology we can produce all man’s needs in the space without limitation on payload and duration of the space travel. Now we can produce what we need, when we need, anywhere in the space. This is the new age of space for mankind, this is another step added to the knowledge of the man by understanding in depth the working of the Universe. After millions of years where the man used the matter for creating energy, now the man uses the energy to create matters and this is the breakthrough in science. The most advanced level in understanding the work of matter up to now has been the nuclear and plasma industry. In the recent past, the advanced Nanotechnology has become the limitation of the knowledge of the man. With this new GANS Plasma technology now we understand and bring forward the amalgamation of nuclear and Nanotechnology together to create the new science of spaceship program. In this new technology M.T. Keshe, as a nuclear physicist, has brought the knowledge of the plasma of a nucleus combined with the advanced knowledge of Nanotechnology and has created the new spaceship program and knowledge. As now Man understands both the inner structure of the nucleus as interaction of dynamic fields and as energy source and with the understanding of the working of a single atom as a Nano in matter state.

Therefore, giving the world of science the new opportunity to move from matter to energy and from energy to matter. This is the major breakthrough for the knowledge of man, where the resources become limitless as man can explore both sides of the energy or matter state in the Universe. To prove the correctness of the technology many trials and tests have been done by many organizations around the world confirming the correctness of the findings of the transfer of the energy to matter and the matter to energy and the discovery of the creation of gravity by the interaction of the magnetic fields within any plasma upon each other. With understanding the work of the interaction of the magnetic fields M.T. Keshe has proven that the gravity is created from the interaction of two fields of the same strength but moving in opposite directions. Hence, by developing and producing similar systems have proven to create lift and motion and energy on limitless basis where the fields created inside the new systems can interact with the fields of the planetary system and be attracted or repelled by them leading to space travel using the magnetic fields of the Universe without burning any fuel or material resources. The concept of plasma has been expanded in the Keshe Plasma Technology. It is no longer limited to charged particle clusters as in traditional science. An atom also has a plasma state. In the state of matter, the field is compressed into the internal space and forms a hard outer shell, which is tangible and tough. In the plasma state, the internal part of the atom is turned out and it releases its fields. This state has many advantages. If humans truly understand the plasma and use it in the order of the universe, then many thorny problems can be solved. Humans will enter into an era of abundance but without wars or diseases. With Keshe Plasma Science and Technology people can now peacefully live in the beautiful blue planet and enjoy the unexplored deep universe utilizing the products and applications manufactured by Keshe Foundation Global.