Why not use free plasmatic fields

While most people think it is needed to burn fuel in order to obtain energy,
we are showing you how easy it is to only use plasma energy.

Universal Enhancement Spaceship Unit 1
Universal Enhancement Spaceship Unit 2
Universal Enhancement Spaceship Unit 3

Universal Enhancement Spaceship Unit

The very first new evolutionary spaceship technology has been rolled out for mass production. Our Universal Enhancement Spaceship Unit is constructed from high-quality materials, carefully selected by our team of experts. Embedding the essence of the New GANS Plasma Science and Technology, it uses new collective plasma field technology for changing and enhancing the environment of the body of the man. This new plasma enhancement changes the environment of the body to allow it to return to its natural balanced condition as in the womb of the mother. Allowing every cell in the body of the man to find its natural original field strength balance.

The shape and the field distribution in this new space plasma technology replicated the inner structure of the universe and replicates the balance fields from which the man was created at the point of inception in the womb of the mother, not only receiving the balance in the physical but also in the emotional sense too. For the first time in the history of man, a system has been developed and delivered, which not only enhances the physical body of the man but it also enhances the emotional part of the user of the system.

Hence, reducing and eliminating many problems that could not be solved in the world of science - to bring the body of the man into near perfection as at the time of the birth.

Usage: Indoors use only. Not to be used outdoors.

Payment: 50% prepayment at the time of order (fully refundable, in case of non-delivery). 50% + Shipping costs - prior to shipping (The customer will receive 30 days notice before shipping). If not shipped within 30 days from the notice, the unit will be sold to the next order. No stocks will be held after 30 days from the notice.)

Production and Shipping: According to the contractual agreement.

Sales and Operating conditions: According to the contractual agreement.

*Actual products may differ in appearance to images shown.

Unit price: 150 000 EUR (+ tax & shipping)

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Pain Relief Pad

Introducing the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute PAIN PAD! This is manufactured in the EU (Italy) and has been tested for many years with fantastic results. Using plasma technology, which is based on magnetic-gravitational field interaction, the pad emits plasma fields that penetrate up to 3cm below the skin, helping to bring the body back to balance.


Pain Relief Pen

Use the Pain Relief Pen to reduce pain! Generating its own plasmatic Magravs fields, the Pain Relief Pen emits plasma fields that penetrate up to 3cm below the skin, helping to bring the body back to balance.


Magravs Power Universal System

This is the ON-GRID Magravs-Power Universal System. With this product, you are able to support the main outlets in your house.
This allows the system to increase the supply that you are receiving and meet the demand that you are using at that point.


One Soul T-shirt

The One Soul T Shirt is able to balance the mind, the soul and the body of the wearer and why, and also allows you to have an excellent starting point for mediation and therefore have more easily states of higher consciousness otherwise difficult to reach.


Magravs Alkalizer & Energizer

The Magravs Energizer & Alkalizer cylinder alkalinizes water through the interaction of the magnetic and gravitational fields naturally present in the environment. Magravs Energizer & Alkalizer is the world's first portable system that alkalizes water WITHOUT getting into contact with it and WITHOUT ever deteriorating. It DOESN’T have filters or spare parts. It also DOESN’T have batteries or other reagents.


Plasma Insoles

The GANS in the Plasma Gel of the Insoles generates plasmatic fields that bring the feet back to balance and reduce pain. 
The Plasma Gel helps reduce stress and strain on the ankle, knee and lower back.