There are many benefits to the plasma technology use in agriculture. Increasing yield is a main benefit. Plants grow by interacting with the fields and not by absorbing the chemicals in the matter state. This understanding of field interactions allows us to use the different gans materials for plants, animals, our soils and water. Plasma technology in agriculture will herald a new age of enhancing the health and well-being of plants and soils, which will in turn create the abundance needed for farmers to be economically stable. This will allow the farmer to take care of his environment, as well as working in harmony with nature.

Plasma science opens up a new understanding of the natural world around us. From the tiny bacteria to the largest tree and everything in-between, all is connected because we all come from the one source. The plants are living plasma entities and we call them the “vertical people”. Each plant, animal, bacteria is a living reactor, giving and receiving fields and interacting with the fields from its environment.