With the new understanding of the interaction of the fields of the plasma in this technology, we do not kill or destroy, treat or cure a disease or illness. Wherewith the new understanding of the working of the magnetic fields of the universe and the GANS we create an environment for the cells of the body of the man to process themselves and find new strength in respect to the fields. Therefore, the new space technology is processing by the cell balancing the strength of its fields back to its original plasmatic magnetic field strength and it is not a treatment or a cure. In the present world of health, we deal only with the physical condition of the illness, where most of the illnesses have a phycological base to be the cause of the illness. With the new technology, for the first time the fields of the plasma allow both the emotion and the physical processing and elevation of the cell in the human body at the same time through the same system. Therefore, the changes are permanent and the essence of the cause of the illness has been processed both physical and emotional. The illness that has been processed should never return as long as it has emotional base.

Whereat the present time in the world of medicine we fight to kill or destroy a cell, with the new plasma technology the time of fighting disease has come to an end. As the pain is created by increase in the plasmatic magnetic fields in the environment of the body of the man, with introduction of the plasma technology and understanding of the transfer of fields between two plasmatic entities, the stronger plasma transfers its fields to the weaker plasma to bring it into balance between themselves. By the same principle, with the introduction of the weaker system (like a pain pen) into the environment of the pain, the cell which carries the additional energy which manifests itself as pain, to the plasma of the system which is introduced in the environment of the cell by the new plasma technology (the pain pen), the additional energy known as pain is extracted in a rapid way, leading to balance in the magnetic field of the cell in respect to its environment in the body of the man leading to the eradication of the pain.