The space technology that is now being developed at the Keshe Foundation Global will ultimately allow humanity to be members of the space community by enabling us to create conditions to survive peacefully in deep space, anywhere in the Universe. The present rocket technology has reached its limitations and mankind has not grown any further for the past 50 years in the space development since we landed on the moon. It is time for humankind to progress towards space, to fly, to produce materials, energy, and food as the planet Earth does with one system. Now our knowledge has reached the pivotal point that we can replicate the way this planet has made and replicated life in the spans of the Universe for millions of years.

This is where Keshe Foundation Global has developed new technologies that will take the man into the next steps of his journey into space. The technologies developed for the past 20 years by Mehran T. Keshe, within the Keshe Foundation, and by worldwide knowledge seekers, have now become commercialized, have received the support of major nations governments and the financial backing for taking mankind into space. The spinoff of the development of this technology for Space, Health, Agriculture, Environment, Energy, and Materials is to be further commercialized by the Keshe Foundation Global. The factories to be built will support mankind in the new spaceship era for life in space and on this planet. Understanding the new technology mankind can travel the frontiers of space as stars have done for millions of years.

Discovering how to use the plasmatic fields for the production of materials allows Keshe Foundation Global to produce different materials according to the strength of the filtering that we can create between the interaction of two dynamic systems. In these systems, the interaction of the plasmatic fields is used in space travel for creating positioning and materials (including food and water), generating energy, and providing health systems. It is recognized that international cooperation and peace is a pre-requisite for mankind to journey into deep space. For this reason Keshe Foundation Global uses its new technology as the way to bring collaboration amongst all nations in sharing knowledge and technology, to bring balance in all aspects of any nation’s need, to bring prosperity to all nations.

Spaceship configuration

Just as we require Earth suits to live on this planet, we would require ships for travel in outer space. However, these spaceships must be dynamic in nature. In other words, the spaceship must be easily re-configurable and adaptable to meet different challenges and scenarios in various parts of space. Therefore, constructing a spaceship out of materials as we would say a car, a boat, or an airplane as done in the past technology is not sufficient.

The spaceship must be created out of the interaction of Magravs plasmas. Since it is naturally dynamic, Magravs plasmas can be concentrated and configured easily according to the requirements of space travel. The spaceship would be able to grow to accommodate more within itself or shrink to navigate difficult areas of space. In these crafts, the living spaces would be dynamically re-configurable. During the space travel, the spaceship would replicate the Earth's gravity field to create natural gravitational field forces as one lives on Earth and the system creates a dynamic atmospheric condition as Earth in order to create a magnetic field shielding to protect the craft. For the first time in the history of man and space travel, the magnetic dynamic shielding same as atmosphere of the Earth creates the invisible protection that man has enjoyed the same as the Earth atmosphere that no object can ever reach the structure of the craft. At the same time as Magravs plasma is used to configure the spaceship, to create lift and motion, the same fields can be used to create materials, be it a cup of water, food or materials for construction of new structures in space.

Consequently, in space materials can be produced at will by adjusting the field strength interaction of two Magrav plasmatic field systems that the residue of the interaction of their fields leaves the balance energy magnetic field plasma of the required matter state. Then by introducing the environmental field strength of a third system of the inertia matter state of given matter the plasmatic energy will convert into the matter state of the required matter. In the world of creation plasmatic field strength of the matter is created initially and by interaction with the fields of the environment at a given point leading to creation and manifestation of that matter state, therefore by understanding this new concept, it has become easy to create any matter at any point in the universe.

Similarly, as now we understand the new concept, once an item is used and no longer needed, it can be re-converted back to Magravs plasma energy. In this way, space travelers no longer have to worry about clutter, waste storage, and pollution. Recycling is at its finest as nature does it. Furthermore, various cosmic rays and gravitational fields of different magnetical strengths would be encountered during space travel. Throughout Magravs plasma technology, these rays can be converted and used according to the needs.