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The space technology that is now being developed at the Keshe Foundation Global will ultimately allow humanity to be members of the space community by enabling us to create conditions to survive peacefully in deep space, anywhere in the Universe.

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Plants grow by interacting with the fields and not by absorbing the chemicals in the matter state. This understanding of field interactions allows us to use the different GANS materials for Plants, Animals, our Soils and Water. Plasma Technology in Agriculture will herald a new age of enhancing the health and well-being of plants and soils, which will in turn create the abundance needed for farmers to be economically stable. This will allow the farmer to take care of his environment, as well as working in harmony with nature.

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The present time in the world of medicine we fight to kill or destroy a cell, with the new plasma technology the time of fighting disease has come to an end. With the new understanding of the working of the magnetic fields of the universe and the GANS we create an environment for the cells of the body of the man to process themselves and find new strength in respect to the fields.

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How does the Plasma Science by Keshe Foundation Global bring man hope for his Ecosystem?

Systems have been used for cleaning up chemical and nuclear leakage that use the parallel magnetic fields attraction principle. This is where a Keshe plasma reactor, acting like a solid magnet, will match the magnetic fields of the atomic structure of the targeted leakage and produce the opposite magnetic fields. As a result it absorbs the pollution by neutralizing its energy, creating inert materials as a byproduct and thusly carrying out the decontamination.

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